Girl dating multiple guys

12-Nov-2019 17:31

I don't see the point in trying to get things working with a girl that is apparently living the single life style a little bit too much. I might respond, I might be slow to respond, I might not. If you won't date a girl that is dating multiple guys there is no problem with that.If you are a girl and you enjoy being pursued by a multitude of different guy all at once that is fine - but I won't be a part of it and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. You don't need validation from other people that what you're doing is right or wrong.I still focus pretty much all my attention on one guy at a time, but there's a certain security in still being on the market until the guy I really want to be with is ready to ask for a commitment.Wanting exclusivity isnt dating, its a relationship.Women date several men at once in order to figure out who is worth being exclusive for.Its a good strategy for women considering how many men cheat or perpetually play the trade up game unbeknowst to the woman.

Am I to forbid her form seeing other guys in the future?

On the one hand, you want to be a good option for someone to pick to be exclusive. What if after three years of a good fulfilling relationship you see someone better, more intelligent, better looking, better job.