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When we took on Guild in 2014, we had the unique opportunity of seeing it through fresh eyes.

As new stewards of the brand, we quickly realized there wasn’t an established naming pattern and decided it was best to simplify this process moving forward.

To learn more about guitar tonewoods, check out this informative article from Pau ferro is a South American tonewood that has been used in guitar making for many years.

It is known to have a smooth feel and shares many sonic qualities with rosewood.

She loves to entertain couples as well as gentlemen and has a wonderfully open-minded personality.

To arrange a meeting with Maya, please call or text Infinity Escort Agency on 078 66 737 737 Beautiful silky soft brunette hair with captivating bright blue eyes: Tamaya is a magnificent girl.

Most commonly, Guild uses spruce, rosewood, mahogany and maple.

There are different types of each of these woods, with each variation sounding slightly different.

Westerly Guild Guitars has no affiliation with Guild Guitars or Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.

_________________Where ever you go, there you are 1998 Ovation 1861 Standard Balladeer Natural Taka - 2005 Squier '51 Black Yume - 2006 Squier Strat Cherryburst Houbi - 2008 Fender VG Strat Blizzard Pearl - won here Fender Super Champ XD; Vox DA-5Yes - Thanks for the suggestion - I've been to the Guild and Fender websites with no luck.

My S/N starts with CM and the last documented Bluesbird I can find was made in 1997 with CL as the last letter designation.

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You will find models, descriptions, specs, and pictures of various Guild Guitars previously offered from the Westerly plant.