Hairy dating uk

18-Jul-2020 00:17

It's important for girls to choose to have them either way.

This is a good way of changing my mind about it as well.” Ultimately, it is their own perspectives on armpit hair that the women are trying to change.

Scientifically, there is nothing negative about women having underarm hair. Graduate Tamara Webster, 23, has also stopped shaving this August and although she hasn’t received negative responses from her friends or boyfriend, she says: “I told my brother I’m raising money for PCOS by not shaving my underarms and he said, ‘Ugh gross’.

I said to him, ‘You have hairy armpits, do you think that’s gross?

“If you do see women with armpit hair, it does seem to be a certain type of woman.

Sophie concedes: “It does tend to be the women who are hippy-ish who have armpit hair and it’s a certain look.

Their goal – apart from reaching their fundraising targets – is to be able to confidently choose whether to shave their armpits into the silkiness of a Dove advert, or to let them grow into a natural fuzz.