Homer iliad odyssey history dating

28-Sep-2020 18:33

Experts from the Hellenic Institute of Political Science, the German Archaeological Institute and the Universities of Darmstadt, Tübingen and Frankfurt am Mainz worked on the project.

The tablet is the latest fascinating archaeological find in Greece.

Preliminary estimates date the finding to the Roman era, probably before the 3rd century AD.

The date still needed to be confirmed, but the plaque was still “a great archaeological, epigraphic, literary and historical exhibit,” the ministry said.

Olympia is famous as the site the ancient Olympic Games.

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Archaeologists found the clay tablet near the remains of the Temple of Zeus in Olympia, the BBC reports.

They show us a structured society administered from the palaces, which matches the Homeric picture up to a point, though there is no trace in the poems of the extensive bureaucracy and bookkeeping that created the tablets.

From the archaeological record it appears that Troy was destroyed by an enemy force not long after 1200 BCE.

It appeared that all the places on which the Greek myths were centered were places that had been important in the Mycenaean period (c.

1600 – 1200 BCE), and some of them became much less significant later.

Granted all this, we can accept that the poems do preserve some genuine memories from the second millennium: the absence of ironworking (which in Greek lands began in the 11th cent.

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