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Furthermore, it is referenced multiple times in Sugoi Stuck and the plot of that game is mentioned.that's just it, for the first half of the game the box is written as a male and then due to a miscommunication the original writer didn't end up writing the second half and suddenly he's a girl I already have a plot in mind for a sequel... I was watching the videos on your youtube channel(that shit is gold btw) and i saw the trailer for that older VN you made, i contemplated dling it and trying it out, but i was too lazy...

i actually kinda regret not doing that.fucking kill meedit 1: Ring ring, Im a fucking belledit 2: WHOS IDEA WAS IT TO USE ALL ALL APOLOGIES??

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What happens when he collects all of the ROMANCE UNITS? Though that game is not as polished as Sugoi Stuck, it was the basis for a lot of the mechanics in Sugoi Stuck. It's not as Homestuck related but I'm still super proud of it.

I've got two endings based on beautifully constructed detail and choices!!

I love the artwork, the accuracy and creativity in terms of characters and events, and-- Well.

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