How intimidating is warped tour

01-Nov-2020 10:27

I was just out with the Neck Deep boys on their album release Thursday at midnight, which I guess is Friday! Anything else that the fans can expect from you this year? Me and Tascione, he’s this crazy EDM producer, or producer in general… And after that, basically just try to make music with as many people as possible and keep my parallels open and start scoring movies. From them, being a new fan, they have an insane fanbase that I’ve never tapped into. It was really nice to find some new artists that I really fuck with. Wyred, who produced “Where You Are,” has another joint with me that I’m going to play today. It makes me giddy thinking about dropping “Driving” because already, I know the response is great. Yeah, exactly, so “Shining” is a really great precursor to that. Like, a lot of these people I didn’t even know before this tour. With multiple managers, they were like, “this is not the one! ” So fighting your battles and pushing back against the people that are in your circle is just as important as listening to the fans. “Driving” was a demo track I did almost a year ago.The frontman of the iconic hardcore group talks to NME about passing the baton and their 10 (!) appearances on the Vans Warped Tour Few bands are as synonymous with the Vans Warped Tour as Every Time I Die.It’s little surprise, then, that when Every Time I Die were picked to close out the tour’s final ever show, they refused to let things die.A now-infamous incident saw guitarist Jordan Buckley refusing to leave the stage, playing the riff to their track ‘Map Change’ for almost 10 minutes after their set (and the tour at large) was supposed to conclude, as the crew packed up the stage around him.

It won’t be a tour, but maybe it’ll be in different cities – like a weekend fest, maybe for a month in the summer, in different major cities. It’s just too much an undertaking now for anybody to do that from scratch, in this climate of constant distraction.” Every Time I Die’s latest album ‘Low Teens’ is out now via Epitaph Records.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from this music industry, you’re the only thing that matters and obviously the fans are the only reason that I’m here, so it takes a little soul searching and a little digging to find the things you want.

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