How long have leisha hailey and camila grey been dating

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Leisha Hailey (born July 11, 1971) is a Japanese-born American actress and musician known for playing Alice Pieszecki in the Showtime Networks series The L Word.Hailey first came to the public's attention as a musician in the pop duo The Murmurs and has continued her music career as part of the band Uh Huh Her.but how come that she is straight and all her friends are gay? [/i]That's the gayest photo ever.[i] a 'straight' girl she sure does hang around Leisha a lot, outside of the set and at lesbian friendly places. i really wanna know if she is single or she is dating someone and i really don't care if they are males or females If you go to and look up kate Moennig it tells you that she is straight. Its a little late but I just happened on this site today, so maybe someone else will need a nudge to the correct info.i mean she is friend to amanda moore , francesca gregorini , clea duvall,leisha hailey ??? Not that that necessarily means much...[/i]Well Leisha and Erin Daniel were friend doesn't mean ED is gay, although KM is still gay as the day is long. You're haters, to say that Kate is ugly and unknown.

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On December 15, 2016, Uh Huh Her announced on their official Facebook page that they were taking a hiatus, with Grey joining another indie band called Summer Moon.A beautiful, talented actress, with an awesome voice, that makes me melt.Sasha's professional resume includes: Casting, Below The Line, Producer, Wardrobe..From 2011 to 2016, she was dating her bandmate Camila Grey.

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Their relationship first became public when the two were ejected from a Southwest Airlines flight for arguing with a flight attendant who asked them to stop kissing.

From 2011 to 2016, Grey was in a relationship with her Uh Huh Her bandmate Leisha Hailey.