Internet fraud dating services

28-Jul-2020 13:25

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It’s not all about the corporate manipulation of your personal data, though.In 2017, a woman in her 50s in a declining marriage took to online dating services for a shoulder.It formed just one aspect of an overall research initiative that has also involved King's College London, Cardiff University and partners worldwide and has aimed at boosting efforts to detect and prevent mass fraud that exploits online channels.Other aspects of the initiative have, for example, focused on better understanding of the psychology of people most likely to become repeat victims of online scams.They automatically look out for suspicious signs inadvertently included by fraudsters in the demographic information, the images and the self-descriptions that make up profiles, and reach an overall conclusion as to the probability of each individual profile being fake.

Outside of the treasure trove of information online data services keep about you, a crafty user could find out where you’re located at any given time.

In these scams, fraudsters target users of dating websites and apps, 'groom' them and then ask for gifts of money or loans which will never be returned.

In 2017, over 3,000 Britons lost a total of £41 million in such incidents, with an average loss of £11,500.

In countries where being gay is illegal, it could have put users in jail or the grave.

The worst part is that Grindr was also exposing the HIV status of its users to third parties without them knowing.

Trever Faden, CEO of Atlas Lane, created a website called C*ckblocked where Grindr users could enter their username and password and see who had blocked them on the service.