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By default, the cache version of the page is recorded using the page base URL.

However, when you want to view the details of a content item on the page, the page HTML changes, and it makes sense to cache this version of the page as a separate item in output cache using a new key - the content item URL (the combination of the page base URL and the content item URL name). Each page can have multiple cache variations, depending on whether it has content items that can be displayed in details on it, and any paging or filtering that is applied to the widgets on the page.

These apply before a tenancy begins and during the period that tenants are living in the property.

Hi, We are currently experiencing a problem with users not logging off Portal, but just closing their browser (x) and when they go back into Portal, it does not prompt for their userid/password, but takes them directly into Portal.

Both you as a landlord and your tenant have a responsibility to ensure the property is kept to a high standard.

Although often unintentional, if something happens to the property and there’s evidence the tenant didn’t fulfil their responsibilities, your claim may be rejected.

You can define how long Sitefinity CMS should serve the old cached version of the page when it gets invalidated, as well as whether to warm-up only the page or any content details pages, served on this page a s well.

To configure the page output cache invalidation settings follow these steps: To select a warmup option that best suits your scenario you need to take two things into account - how Sitefinity CMS output cache variations work, and how your users browse your website.

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If you have a widget on the page, that displays a list of content items, each of these items has a URL, which is formed using the page base URL and the URL formatting rules for the content module.

Discover our guide to find out all about the different things that could invalidate your landlord insurance and how you can prevent them happening. Renovation is often part and parcel of renting out a property, and for the most part, this won’t affect your home insurance.