Invalidating environment borderline personality disorder

24-May-2020 08:18

I wish the psychiatrist had shown an ounce of care when he handled my case. I wish there was more of a follow up on suicide attempt patients once discharged.I am in no way against students learning to handle being with patients or learning the interviewing process, but after pouring my feelings and heart out to them, I wish I could have gotten even an ounce of respect and actual mental health care from a psychiatrist. In addition, this deficiency may have several different origins.They include a biological predisposition, an environmental context of avoidance, and the interaction of the two.If parents ignore a child or respond in an extreme way to his needs, he will feel that it’s not important to keep living with rejection and without understanding.

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I was afraid to even open up to group therapy or individual therapy, in fear of meeting someone like the psychiatrist who diagnosed me. I had been not given an ounce of support from medical professionals, and handling anyone this way can have grave consequences. The theory says that emotional imbalances come from an emotional vulnerability and lacking effective emotional management strategies.Emotional vulnerability is defined as hypersensitivity to any emotion, regardless of its value (positive, negative or neutral).On the other hand, the instability and lack of emotional regulation, according to the biosocial theory, have a biological basis. The biological predisposition may be different in each person.

Therefore, a biological factor common to all cases of borderline personality disorder has not yet been discovered.That’s why they respond with great intensity to any emotion, whether anger or joy.

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