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10-Jun-2020 18:49

Two days later, Ward died in a light plane crash in Montana.

Today the dolphin fishing wasn’t quite as good as it was yesterday but we did end up with a nice catch.

She returned to Grand Rapids, Michigan for college, attending Cornerstone University for one semester before deciding it was not for her. After these ventures, she decided to settle on a long term-career and trained as a trucker because it 'looked interesting'.

She subsequently got a job driving for Carlile Transportation, an Alaskan haulage company.

While there, Kelly spoke with “Truckers News” Editor David Hollis about her work on the History Channel’s “Ice Road Truckers” reality show and life in general.

She also talked affectionately about her driving partner and fellow cast mate Darrell Ward.

The show’s one and only original cast member, Alex Debogorski also hinted fans that new season won’t air in 2018.

What is Ice Road Truckers Lisa Kelly net worth in 2018?

After appearing in IRT, she proved her excellence in what is considered to be a man's job.