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He was also linked with Acacia Brinley, Mackenzie Lopez and Rebecca Black in the past.I got changed into something simple ( AN : EXETERNAL LINK!!) also put on my earpphone necklass that my bestfriend got me and put on makeup and did my hair , i grabbed my phone and put my earphone in and put my phone in my bra as girls do . But it felt like fireworks all around us and we was the only ones in the planet i felt butterflies in my stomache.... I pulled away and looked at him then he did as i looked away i pulled the mic and said "Okay!! " i said he kissed me "I guess thats a yes" i said we laughed and i got my ipod out and my earphones i gave one to Sam and put the other one in my ear and i put it on shuffle ' Mackle More Can We Go Thirft Shopping?He was diagnosed with diabetes at age of 5 years old.

The young and talented American You Tuber, Sam Pottorff is currently an unmarried personality as he has not been in any marital relationship with anyone.He was raised by his parents along with his two sisters named Mia Pottorff and Cloe Pottorff and a brother named Levi Pottorff as his siblings.