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Throughout his career, his films have been noted for its stylistic visual appeal, energetic vibe, and for seamlessly infusing pop culture music in his storytelling.

Daniel Francis Boyle Libra Radcliffe, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom Danny attended the Thornleigh Salesian College in Bolton.

Danny Boyle is an award-winning English director, producer, and screenwriter who is highly praised for his distinctive directing style in often low-budget films.

Although his career began on stage with the (2008) which won 8 Academy Awards including “Best Director” for Boyle.

After Nick and Paul rescued her, Victoria rekindled things with Ryan, and they planned to remarry. ”I had this crazy dream we got drunk and got married!

But his ex, Tricia, had gone insane, and shot Ryan on his wedding day! Initially, she was just trying to find out if he was sleeping with Nick’s wife, Sharon Newman, but later developed feelings for him. married, but then he kissed Colleen Carlton so she slept with Deacon Sharpe to retaliate. Upon her return, Victoria then found herself drawn to Billy Abbott and they got drunk and tied the knot in Jamaica. won custody of Reed and took him away to Washington D. ” (Photo Credit: sean smith/jpistudios.com) After Victoria miscarried his baby, Billy paid to purchase an infant on the black market.

Tragically, their baby girl, Eve, died shortly after being born.

Devastated, Victoria broke up with Neil and then dated Gary Dawson, who turned out to be a psycho that kidnapped her!

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She had a brief relationship with Michael Baldwin, but frustrated with her family’s actions during the ongoing Jabot/Newman feud, Victoria decided to leave town to study art history in Italy. (Photo Credit: Jesse Grant/JPI) In 2005, Victoria returned hoping to pick up where she left off with Michael, but he had married Lauren Fenmore. Hellstrom herself, so after the end of her marriage, she found herself pregnant and the babydaddy was in question. After Billy left town for a while, Victoria tracked him down and they reconciled and remarried.

When Victor found himself on trial, Victoria joined the rest of the family in testifying against him, sending him to jail.

To pay her back, Victor chose Nick to run Newman and sold Brash & Sassy out from under her.

Victor attempted to pay the young man to leave town, but instead, he and Victoria eloped!

Her family was furious, but the young marriage didn’t last long after Ryan cheated on her with Nina Webster.When she continued to act out, her parents sent her to a boarding school in Switzerland, but when she returned a teenager, she hadn't changed much.