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10-Sep-2020 06:02

So, my question is-- what's the likelihood that as a Western Man, I can find Western Women to date in Tokyo? Saying that however, I think when moving to a new place you should keep an open mind.

There are lots of "international parties," for Japanese wanting to meet English-speakers.

I am not at all trying to be racist here, so please do not take this the wrong way, but my historical romantic & sexual interest has not lied with asian women.

I am very much hoping to make Japanese Friends, both Male and Female, I just do not see myself wanting to date Japanese Women. Even though it's 97% Japanese, that still amounts to 100s of 1000s of foreigners. Language schools are filled with English-speaking people excited to meet others.

Not to mention the vast cultural differences that I have even't really gotten into.

I think it becomes racist if you start excluding people from the get-go and look down on them.

While it depends on the person, and not all Japanese men are the same the average Japanese man is viewed in such a way and is portrayed as so in popular media.

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Get on Tinder as that's where I've seen most of them.It’s similar to the concept of how Japanese people like to take their time with anything as a part of enjoying a process and the moment.

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