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Evening, later Afternoon DJ/Sports, WJHB, Greensburg, PA, 1981-82.

NOW…PM Drive anchor on top-rated all-newser WTOP, Washington, DC since 1998. Previously, sports/news anchor Associated Press Radio Network, DC (’87-94)… DAVE ANTHONY – “I worked from 1979 to 1986 at WEEP/WDSY.

From left: Gaye Wagner, Sandy Besecker, Debbie Williams, Callie Connor, Dedee Greenleaf Hodgdon, Mary Coventry, Jean Wilhelmsen-Exter and Dennis Dunbar. Courtesy of Jeff Tarbox The Westport Island History Committee met over the weekend, braving the heat and humidity to further plan the History Day open house at Westport Island’s historic Town Hall from 1 to 5 p.m. There will be easels with photographs of people, houses and places the committee would like help in identifying. Committee members will help with answers or advice.

From there I went on to do stations in Houston, Texas 610 KILT and Detroit AM 1130 WCXI.Bible verses and song lyrics flashed on large screens above a modern stage. Some of the members of the Westport Island History Committee brave Sunday’s heat. The committee is excited to offer these areas for focus in the open house: the tidal mills, whose remains are still easily seen along several of the coves on the west and east sides of the island; recreation and community life, with regalia and assorted objects from Westport’s Grange chapter, uniforms and equipment from the baseball team of the 1950s, dances and other social activity; the committee’s collection of old photos of people, houses, schools, industry and various scenes of the island, stored and available for view on the Maine Historical Society’s Maine Memory Network; new additions to the collection, including photographs and artifacts related to the Segerstrom preserve and Jewett family donations; quilts and examples of older textiles from the town collection; resources for genealogical research with Westport Island families, including a copy of the Bea Harriman book, vital records materials, and other genealogical research in the committee’s collection; materials about some of Westport Island’s historic houses, from the 2018 tour of six homes; and a reproduction of the town’s original record book, dating back to the 1828 separation of Westport from Edgecomb.See full summary » College tutor Lee books a minibus to travel with students to London for an anti-Brexit march.

The minibus driver Jeff is a leaver, The journey is beset with problems, a faulty sat nav, Jeff gets lost, mayhem and personal animosity ensue.

Went crosstown to 96.1 Hit Radio 96 WHTX with Captain Show Biz & Cary Pall in 1983 for PM Drive.