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Romance really just depends on what your definition of it is.If you’re a guy, though, you can’t go wrong with taking your lady for a pamper session at the Pyramid Day Spa in Johannesburg.If cheese is your thing, you can enjoy it in house with freshly baked bread or take some home.These two spots are only open from on Tuesday to Saturday, though, so plan carefully. Depending on which generation you hail from, chances are you have heard of the famed drive in cinemas.

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If you’re looking to truely splash out, you can opt for the couples’ package. City-living often limits the opportunity for romance and if restaurants aren’t your thing, you need to think a bit more creatively about your options.Still, there are a number of perfectly suitable restaurants and alternative options for those who are looking for something a little bit different.Lovers lined up their cars outside over the weekend and did everything but watch the movie being screened in front of them.

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The outdoor cinema in Braamfontein is a bit different.This is a slightly pricey option, but your partner will love you for it.