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14-Sep-2019 06:14

"It's not like I made a list."Even though she didn't have any automatic no's, Kate explains that Mady and Cara were very vocal from the start about one particular quality: they really didn't want their mom to go for someone who already had kids.

"I understand why they feel that way, because I'm not enough to go around as it is in terms of being their mom," Kate admits.

' Because it was very important for them to be comfortable with me dating, but also dating on-camera and have a show that they would be watching."Gosselin continued: "They, you know, ask questions like, ' Well that can be weird?

' And we walked through it, and I said: ' You know my commitment was to them in that they could watch it. Now I'm a parent of eight kids with all of the social media and technology, and honestly, it was like I didn't even have times of reflecting back because that information was all but useless to me."It was like two different people dating and that's what was so scary because it was like completely new and super scary with a lot of pressure on me to get it right this time for the sake of myself and my kids, so it was very intimidating.

"It just felt more age-appropriate to have Mady and Cara since they're 18, they're adults," Kate explains.

"I'm hyper-sensitive due to experiences my kids have gone through.

Another factor that played into Gosselin's decision to sign up for a dating reality series? But it was that option or not dating at all."The mom of eight noted that having her film crew by her side through the process made her feel "safe.""It's real dating.

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I kind of like the denial of it right now."On the bright side though, Kate says she doesn't have to worry about them doing one thing: dating.And so, before I did that, I decided to give it a shot." know, the reality star has really committed herself.