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From top LA beauty trends to events and celebrity goings on, join Jessica Hall and Mel Lamprey as they pull back the curtain revealing the unfiltered Hollywood that you rarely see . Mel & Jess look into the science behind not eating for 16 hours each day before welcoming the country girl turned Hollywood housewife and actress about her possible return to the farm life, washing eyelashes, her husband's return to Beverly Hills 90210 and so much more!Mel & Jess decide to cleanse themselves in two very different ways before welcoming the beautiful business lady from Selling Sunset to hear all about her decision to go o-natural and the tough reality of the LA dating scene!But also to just work in a pub and do that kind of job, I think it's important to experience that.I can appreciate this all the more." In order to pursue her dreams of performing, Gillan had to overcome the crippling stage fright she experienced as a child.He told me that he felt like he had known me for 6 months, and I felt the same.

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He called me the next day to ask me out for Valentine’s Day.The Scottish redhead couldn't have predicted the iconic role that would launch her into fame, seemingly overnight.