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04-Jul-2020 18:24

On the other hand, having to share interests with other creditors can reduce the amount of payout if the trust has to be liquidated.

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The basic approach of each alternative entity statute is to permit the creating parties to have the broadest discretion and the maximum amount of flexibility in drafting the governing agreement of the entity.The alternative entity statutes generally furnish rules concerning internal governance only in situations where the creating parties have not otherwise provided for such rules in the governing agreement.Unlike Delaware corporations, there are far fewer statutory provisions defining the rights, powers, duties and authority of Delaware alternative entities and their owners and managers.A number of issues exist that may preclude the ABSFA's application to a particular securitization transaction, including whether federal law will preempt the ABSFA in making a true sale determination and whether Delaware law generally, and the ABSFA in particular, will apply to a transfer in a securitization transaction.

Although not yet judicially tested, the ABSFA is nevertheless a reason to seriously consider whether the parties to a securitization transaction should choose for Delaware law to apply to their contractual relations.Delaware continues to be on the cutting edge in offering the securitization community a comprehensive legal framework through which to conduct transactions.