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04-Apr-2020 06:54

Two months after publicly insulting #Services Not Sweeps advocates at his disastrous State of the City address and one year after boasting that he was going to end street homelessness in LA by 2028, Eric Garcetti was conspicuously missing from this morning’s release of the 2019 Homeless Count.

Rather than showing up and looking any of his constituents in the eye as this devastating news was delivered, Garcetti chose to attend a graduation ceremony for his office’s Crisis Response Team, which “assists the LAPD and LAFD in crisis situations.” He keeps tweeting about ending homelessness while rubbing elbows with the same people who terrorize unhoused Angelenos across the city and actively prevent anyone from helping, so we think he may have sustained a brain injury of some kind.

Eric Garcetti was spotted Friday bemoaning the “lack of leadership” in contemporary politics as he was busy avoiding work in our city where he belongs to attend an event thrown by the Regional Plan Association in New York – an organization that has literally nothing to do with LA or anything outside of the New York metro area. Mayor Eric Garcetti was spotted today at the Opportunity Zone Investor Summit in Stanford, spouting his usual nonsense about making progress at the local level while tens of thousands of Angelenos remain unhoused on his watch, and claiming to be helping us take back our cities and neighborhoods while he turns around and sells our communities to billionaires and private investors behind our backs.

During the midst of an ongoing FBI corruption investigation closing in on City Hall (and while LAUSD teachers were out walking the picket lines on the third day of their historic strike), Mayor Garcetti was spotted hanging with City Council President Herb Wesson celebrating the successes of the tourism industry in Los Angeles.

Eric Garcetti was spotted Monday giving a speech on human rights in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, despite the countless human rights violations happening under his watch in Garcettiville.

Taking a break from his exhausting routine of pretending he’s not running for president, Eric was recently spotted campaigning in Orange County with Gavin Newsom.

Of course, it’s no surprise that LA’s greatest failson would cozy up to the candidate who stands the best chance of winning us four more years of the Trump administration as he continues to venerate the neoliberal Obama-Biden presidency…

that helped get us into this mess in the first place.

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Who would have guessed that the same man who callously claims that the biggest threat to Black youth in LA is a lack of swimming lessons would also walk back even the most vague support of those actually fighting for LA’s children?In 2011, the homeless population was 39,411 (LAHSA), there is an increase of 19,522 homeless people in Los Angeles County to date. Times cites, one of the largest increases are people 18 to 24 years old.

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