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27-Aug-2020 14:13

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This high resolution will help you capture important details should an event ever occur on your property.

Additionally, this security camera has a wide 140° angle field of view that is ideal for doorways, open areas, or many other residential or urban monitoring applications.

Your cameras include a long-lasting two-cell lithium-ion battery for power.

In fact, this is the same kind of battery used to power today's electric cars, laptop computers, and other battery-operated gadgetries.

However you tally it up, the average person enjoys more than 8,000 social events in a lifetime - and the reasons are also numerous.

Welcome to the next generation of home security monitoring.

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All you have to do is find the right spot, mount the unit, connect it to the recorder, and you're done.Simply remove the battery from the camera (the camera can stay where it's mounted), recharge it, and put it back again.