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07-Dec-2019 03:04

They can, however, wear “pantyhose to match skin tone.” The NFL even goes as far as giving the cheerleaders a list of inappropriate topics of conversation when they’re in public.The 1950s are calling — they want the NFL to come home.Although they aren’t always recognized all that much, cheerleaders are a vital part of U. Keep reading to find out about the life of NFL cheerleaders and 15 absurd commandments — including perhaps the absolute worst one on page 5 — they have to live by to maintain their status.According to The Sportster, if you’re an Buffalo Bills NFL cheerleader you better stay in shape.” The NFL says its cheerleaders should never cut their pasta, according to the website thetalko. There is no elegant way to say this: Not only are NFL cheerleaders told how often to change their tampons, management tells them they can’t wear underwear under their practice clothes.

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The contract stated there were instances in which women who did get involved “narrowly escaped ruined reputations.” The Raiders also provided the squad with an example: A player was suspended for drug use and arrested for date rape at a party that many cheerleaders attended.

The Raiders told the squad, “just think how narrowly you missed having your photo in all the local papers and/or being assaulted! Twirl a small portion on your fork with the assistance of the spoon.” Wow — these women have been staying alive for some years, so one might think they knew how to get pasta in their mouths.

Apparently, the women are evaluated for weight based on a how much their bodies “jiggle.” Imagine going to your job and having your boss schedule you a jiggle test.

If a cheerleader’s jiggle has too much wiggle, she could be suspended, penalized — or even fired. The Sportster wrote that NFL cheerleaders have to give up any hopes of having a personal life.

If the squad didn’t wear two-piece outfits — on Tuesdays — that showed their belly buttons, they would be fine .

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