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10-Mar-2020 08:16

In many states, it is illegal to share with children anything obscene or sexual in nature.

For example, a school teacher who sends a photo of his genitals to a students could be convicted of disseminating obscenity.

Registration duration period will change to 15 year, 25 year or life as follows under the new law effect January 1, 2010 and will apply to all sex offenders currently registered and were previously registered: Fifteen years, if the sex offender was convicted of a registrable offense under section 29-4003 not punishable by imprisonment for more than one year; (iii) Life, if the sex offender was convicted of a registrable offense under section 29-4003 punishable by imprisonment for more than one year and was convicted of an aggravated offense or had a prior sex offense conviction or has been determined to be a lifetime registrant in another state, territory, commonwealth, or other jurisdiction of the United States, by the United States Government, by court-martial or other military tribunal, or by a foreign jurisdiction.

The verification schedule will be determined by the registration duration time.

25 year: Required to report for verification bi-annually in person at the sheriff’s office in the month of the offender’s date of birth & six months following.

One common scenario is revenge porn-- for example, when an ex-boyfriend who distributes private photos in an effort to get back at his ex-girlfriend.

One registration form will be used for registration, changes and verifications.

All registrations, changes and verifications must be completed on this form by the offender in person at the sheriff’s office.

Vandalism, verbal or written threats of harm are illegal and will result in arrest and prosecution.

May 29, 2009, the Nebraska legislature passed LB285 which amended the Nebraska Sex Offender Registration Act in an attempt to become compliant with the Adam Walsh Act.

This information is to be used to provide public notice and information about a registrant so a community can develop constructive plans to prepare themselves and their family.

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