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He did so to protest military conscription in the Vietnam War.Cohen was arrested and sentenced to 30 days imprisonment for disrupting the peace by offensive conduct.Indigenous Australians made up one-third of those convicted in 2015 (despite comprising three percent of the NSW population).Those who drop the “f-bomb” in protest do so because this word has unique and essential functions in the English language: expletives can elicit shock, vent anger or frustration without resorting to physical violence and succinctly challenge ideas in a way that few words can.

Using slippery slope “logic”, Nile has stated: People over there are contributing to an epidemic of LGBTI youth suicide, self-harm and mental illness … Offensiveness is defined in the case of as “such as is calculated to wound the feelings, arouse anger or resentment or disgust or outrage” in the mind of the “reasonable person”.

When Wright declared “Fuck Fred Nile” he did so to counter Nile’s views against marriage equality.

Nile believes homosexuality to be a “choice” which is both “immoral” and “unnatural”.

These important functions of swear words were illustrated in the US Supreme Court case .

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On April 26, 1968, Paul Cohen wore a jacket to a Los Angeles courthouse bearing the phrase “Fuck the Draft”.

The attendees, led by NSW Christian Democratic Party MP Reverend Fred Nile, held up banners displaying the slogans “MUM DAD = CHILDREN”, “What About the Rights of the Child? In response, Catherine Rose, co-convenor of the activist group Community Action Against Homophobia (CAAH), led the following chant: If asked to decide whose words were more offensive, which would you choose: the slogans or the chant?