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14-Oct-2019 16:26

Everyone loves a good storyteller – after all, there’s nothing better than finding yourself on a first date with someone who can tell a good tale.

But when the stories start getting more outlandish, and their excuses even wilder, it’s time to ask yourself whether they’re telling you the whole truth.

The number of friends they have can also be a big give-away; anything less than 100 is worth investigating further, and if you see the same people posting over and over again then it may be worth checking out their profiles too, just in case!

Thanks to technology, it’s never been easier to have a face-to-face conversation with someone, even if you’re miles apart.

One of the most seductive aspects of catfishing is that things typically get serious fast.

Constant messaging can create a false sense of intimacy that puts everything on fast-forward.

If the person you’re talking to has a laptop or a smartphone, then it’s very likely that they’ll have easy access to some kind of video chat.

Of course, not everyone is tech-savvy so you might want to cut them some slack, but if they’re point-blank refusing to try while simultaneously posting a series of selfies on Instagram, then you could have a catfish on your hands.

For example, more attractive people might be more willing to share more photos of themselves in the first place.) This research reminded me of some Plenty of Fish data that I wrote about last year.

If there's one glaring takeaway from Match's research and Ginsberg's observations, it's this: If you're serious about finding a partner, put as much effort as you can into making yourself stand out."Go big or go home": It's probably a good life mantra, but it's an especially good online-dating mantra.

So, you’ve been dating online for a while and now you think you’ve finally found ‘the one’. Come to think of it, they don’t seem that keen to meet up. In fact, you may well have been caught by a catfish.

Someone always being ready with a convenient story is a tell-tale sign of catfishing.

Look out for those stories that don’t completely add up – it’s been their Grandma’s birthday three times this year, for example – and stay on your guard.

"Go big or go home": It's probably a good life mantra, but it's an especially good online-dating mantra.

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