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10-Mar-2020 04:42

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He was inspired to create it by a Parsi friend, who “unfailingly comes to India twice a year because he wants to hang out with Parsi girls and marry one”. “The guy has to rely on people like me, but I can only do so much.” It thus occurred to him that the community needed a “connectivity app”.

The app is currently being developed by Umeed Kothavala, the CEO of Pune-based tech company Extentia, and will be launched in time for Parsi New Year in August.

Boys and girls were made to play ‘musical arms’ as a way of breaking the ice (boys stood with arms akimbo, girls ran around them and locked arms when the music stopped).

Iranians have been involved in trade with India from Achaemenid times, but the creation of a Parsi settlement in India was the outcome of the migration of Zoroastrian refugees from their original homeland in medieval Islamic Persia. 1), 775 (Seervai and Patel), 780s (; all quotations from this source are taken from Eduljee’s translation), 785 (Modi, 1905, pp. He asked for an account of their religion and laid down four pre-conditions before agreeing to grant them sanctuary: They should use only the local language, the women should adopt the local dress, they must put down their weapons and vow never to use them and, finally, their marriage ceremonies should be conducted only in the evening; the dastur agreed.

So they’ve even explained what an app is on the Aapro App Facebook page.

“There might be a Parsi lady who is not using a smartphone as much as me,” said Patel.

While the app is more than a matchmaking tool, that’s the feature most Parsis aware of Aapro App are concerned about.

The variations are due to the fact that the only source, the does not give precise dates but rather uses round figures (e.g., “In this way three hundred years, more or less, elapsed … In this way seven hundred years passed by …,” states that it was written down in 1600, based on oral tradition and it must therefore be used with due caution and appropriate allowances as a historical source, given the way it was composed and transmitted (Stausberg, 2002, I, pp. The account of the exodus begins by describing how a group of devout Zoroastrians in Persia went into hiding in the mountains during a time of fierce Islamic persecution.“Jaldi karoni dikra (Hurry up, son,” they tell them.

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