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Head and shoulders shots are needed, no full body pictures, as we only generate a tiny image from which to recognize you in our check-in procedures.• Related experience or learning (books, workshops, friendship circles).Total newbies will be considered, but you'll need to bring a lot of the next item.• Enthusiasm and willingness to be a part of a community by volunteering or coming out to events regularly.• We are not a hook-up group, a dating site or a place for swingers to play.• We look for emotional maturity, social awareness, good communication styles and a willingness to grow.• You must live within 60 miles of Portland or visit often.• Diversity and equity are very important to our community.Sex positivity is about authentic, respectful, open communication, and being honest about your desires.Anyone can attend Level 1 events so please feel free to bring a friend or loved one.

People tell us our level system is the thing they like the most about our group.

You may choose to have a partner or partners in the photo if your face is the one most centered.

Outside of that exception, please do not have other people in the photo.

We prefer real names, not alias.• You must be over 21• Couples must apply separately. When you fill out your profile, know that that is what other members will see and how the'll decide if they want to be friends and/or play with you Men, we love you and need you, but please understand, we get a lot more applications from single men than their female counterparts so, please be understanding if we bring an extra level of scrutiny. At events you are expected to be respectful of the boundaries of others and of the event, to take care of yourself, and honor your boundaries and agreements. You will never be expected to do anything you don't want to, or to interact with anyone you don’t wish to.

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But we do expect you to contribute as an active participant through positive social interaction.

Our Mission is to change the world by promoting healthy sexuality through community and education.