Physical boundaries for christian dating

01-Mar-2020 13:41

Of all things, physical boundaries is the area most people struggle with in courtship.

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The prince of this world is coming but he has no hold on me?

Something happens deep inside of us when we walk up, let the water splash over our feet, and stare out over endless waves, extending far beyond our imagination can run.

It’s estimated that the Pacific Ocean holds 187 deep. The Lord says to Job, “Who shut in the sea with doors when it burst out from the womb, when I made clouds its garment and thick darkness its swaddling band, and prescribed limits for it and set bars and doors, and said, ‘Thus far shall you come, and no farther, and here shall your proud waves be stayed’? And then he drew a line in the sand and told the waves they could go no farther. To show us that the waves are his, to tell us that he is sovereign, creative, and wise — and that he can be trusted.

I know how you feel because I’ve been there and I’ve counseled other couples going through these feelings and thoughts too. Remember that David was a man after God’s own heart, Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived, and Samson was the strongest man who ever lived and they all of struggled with sexual temptations. When the heart is filled to the brim with all the measure of Christ, we can walk into the very depths of sin without any contamination God sends us there.

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With humility and a prayer for grace, I recommend setting some physical boundaries as safeguards to help you maintain purity in your courtship. If we go for curiosity or personal desire it would be impure because it would be an outworking of self rather than a leading of the Holy Spirit.And you won’t naturally want to reach out for help or accountability because you’ll feel like it’s too dangerous.

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