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27-Mar-2020 06:18

From the previous description: "Traditional concepts and practices regarding marriage, family, sexuality, and intimacy have been changing rapidly in recent decades.

There have been radical revisions of thinking and practice not only related to sexuality but also involving gender roles, single-parenthood, family structures, contraception, abortion, and divorce....

The programme is self organized by the participants." Minimum age 18.

In past years the meetings have sold out within days of being announced.

Consiste en una combinación de debates, talleres y actividades lúdicas que te brindarán la oportunidad de conocer gente con tus mismas ideas y actitudes, compartir experiencias e inquietudes, ayudar a fortalecer nuestra comunidad y disfrutar de su diversidad." 2019 will be Open Con Madrid's fifth year.

Poly Paradise has been running at Burning Man for two decades.

This is a large theme camp cluster, last year 350 x 440 feet, usually with 250 to 300 campers, about a third of them new each year.

Each year there are many challenges and together we find a way to make things right, together we build an amazing space within the gates of BRC, a place to really call home in the desert." Details. "A short camping break away for polyamorous, RA, and non-mono people and their families." The site is a 23-acre scout camp, and all events are kid-friendly.

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In addition to sessions organized by attendees, available activities will include archery, climbing and abseiling, arts and crafts, board games, bushcraft, woodland walks, campfire activities, storytelling.

The conference has been handed off to new management.