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If you plan your trip according to your meal plan just like us, you will fall in love with this list: Image Source Manousheh, the local pizza, is an apt choice for the piquant taste buds, especially if you are looking for Dubai specialties.

Mostly savored during Ramadan, Eid and weddings, Al Harees is one of the most traditional foods in Dubai.

Your gut will thank you after eating delicious food.

If you can’t find this food item easily, the locals are more than willing to help you with the directions to a place that has this dish on their menu. Suggested Read: Special Dubai Pass: Travelers Can Now Enjoy Cash-Free Access To Major Attractions & Tours!

Image Source Perfect for an early evening meal, Fatteh consists of three layers.

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Bread soaked in stock forms the foundation, in the middle, we have chickpeas, stuffed aubergines, and finally, there is yogurt and tahini-sauce topping.You’ll be amazed at how warm and hospitable the Dubai locals are when you ask them where would you find the best Al Harees.

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