Postdating checks california law

19-Jul-2020 06:23

Where PC 476a deals with real checks that are passed on insufficient funds, Penal Code 476 deals with "fake" checks that may or may not be linked to an actual bank account.So if, for example, you create a fake check that is linked to an account that has insufficient funds to clear the check, prosecutors could charge you with both offenses.In addition to the above penalties, you may be required to pay civil damages as well.However, before a payee may collect civil damages, he/she must first give you the opportunity to pay There are several crimes that are closely related to Penal Code 476a PC California's bad checks law because prosecutors commonly charge them in connection with or in lieu of a PC 476a charge. Penal Code 476 PC California's check fraud law prohibits making, passing or attempting to make or pass a fake, altered or counterfeit check in an attempt to defraud a person/entity out of money or other property.Known as "bad check diversion programs" or "bad check restitution programs," these programs provide an offender the opportunity to in exchange for a dismissal of the criminal charges.

Violating California's bad checks law subjects an offender to criminal and civil penalties.

Handing the check to the payee would be an example.

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