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12-May-2020 20:11

They also needed to find someone who was charming and an overall gentlemen, like Chuck.

They also needed someone who could come up with quick quips that are not only funny, but also memorable, like Chuck.

Hosted by multi-platinum rapper and actor Romeo Miller, the provocative dating series follows celebrity couples in Malibu Beach as they search for new love while being confronted by their past romances.

format of MTV’s global phenomenon ‘Ex On The Beach’ returns for season two on Thursday, December 20th at 8PM ET/PT.

The only resemblance to the old set was when the contestants were being introduced with what looked like the old logo.

’ and ‘Fire Island.’ The new cast of celebrities arrive in paradise in search of love only to be blindsided by their exes face-to-face.

As lovers wash ashore, the daters will decide whether to rekindle a past flame or move on with a new prospect.

So, who did the powers that be get to fill in for Chuck? The bane of my existence on this website, Pat Bullard was selected to host. He was annoying, he wasn't funny, and he seemed more to get himself over with the television audience rather than putting the focus on the dates and the people themselves.

Pat was everything that I despise in a game show host.When you revive a well-known entity in the game show world, you can do several things with it to varying results.