Radiocarbon dating and the prehistoric archaeology of china amy smart and jason statham dating

24-Oct-2019 16:29

According to literature, other organic compounds that can contaminate bone samples are polyphenols, polysaccharides, lignins, and degraded collagen.Depending on the location of the excavation, bones can also be contaminated by limestone.

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The common contaminants are humic and fulvic acids, which are organic acids present in soil that are produced by the microbial degradation of plant or animal tissues.

Modern sources of carbon can make the AMS carbon dating result of a bone younger than its true age.

In general, infinite-age contaminants add considerable number of years to the true age of a bone sample, making it older than it is.

For most organisms that have bones, the time of their death is contemporaneous with their cessation of exchange with the biosphere.

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Hence, these organisms’ radiocarbon age at death is zero.

This process is doable in AMS dating labs because only small samples are required.

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