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08-Sep-2020 16:50

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"I wish he had the heart to say she wasn’t stalking Whitney in the club, she’s a friend. "I want a real talk with him; I need a heart to heart with him. "I’m upbeat, not the least bit entertaining.” Ray J also acknowledges their shared past, but not on such a deep level.

The siblings are headed to New Jersey where they will attend Whitney Houston's funeral on Saturday morning.

Speaking in the diary room, the singer's ex lover revealed that he had been forced to revisit her death after coming face to face with Stacy Francis, who she scrapped with in a nightclub two days before her death.

He said: "Stacy and I we had a conversation about what happened with Whitney Houston before she passed.

According to witnesses who spoke to Radar Online, Whitney had been ‘heavily drinking tequila’ and ran over to them to confront the pair. She then is said to have pushed Stacy in the forehead - to which Stacy pushed Whitney back in retaliation – and other performers at the evening’s event got involved as split the pair up.

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The source told the site: “[She] began screaming ‘This is my man! Ray J, who at the time denied being back with Whitney, attempted to diffuse the situation, claiming that he was family friends with his new Celebrity Big Brother co-star, but with no luck.

The nightclub row - reportedly triggered by the sight of Ray J speaking to the X Factor singer - left Whitney covered in blood. All my fault." Stacy soothed: "No it's not." Ray J replied: "It was just was my fault. Yesterday Stacy denied that she was the I Will Always Love You star's stalker, and slammed housemate Ray J for how he treated her in the aftermath of the music legend's death.

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