Recent violent dating cases in texas

01-Jun-2020 05:18

Unfortunately, the abuse does not confine its devastating effects to the women alone. The emotional trauma they suffer may manifest itself in terms of low self-esteem, depression, withdrawal and isolation, anger and acting-out behaviors.

We must remember that the suffering is no less for children of family violence than for adult victims.

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Aggravated assault offenses are usually charged as either a second-degree felony or first-degree felony.

The penalties for a conviction of assault, whether simple or aggravated, are serious in Texas.

The penalties you face are determined by the class or degree of assault you have been charged with.

In addition, you face serious collateral consequences of your conviction.

Felons lose their right to vote and their right to own and possess firearms.

He knows the law, the court system, and the hardworking people who are often charged with this offense.