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21-Feb-2020 11:17

She also confirmed in some interviews that she had to wear padded bras and fake breasts for the movie as her character needed to look like an average 135-pound British woman.

But after “Bridget Jones” and the 2004 sequel came out, Renee’s boobs remained fuller and bigger than when she first arrived in Hollywood.

It’s no mystery that Renee hardly had any wrinkles in her 20s but when her face remained wrinkle-free in her 30s, people speculated that she has been getting regular botox injections and face fillers.

The actress did fewer blockbuster movies and media appearances in her 40s, which made her less visible in the media.

But years later, Renee’s boobs seemed to have gone from a 34 B to a D cup.

Her intended weight gain for “Bridget Jones” might have been a factor to her fuller breasts a few years into her Hollywood career.

Here she attends “My One and Only” movie Premier at the Berlinale Palast in Berlin, Germany.

This might mean she’s scaling down on her plastic surgery procedures or has been getting just light treatments.

Over the years, Renee’s appearance has become the subject of plastic surgery speculations, wonders, and criticisms. We’ll walk you through these changes in the comparisons below.