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Just based off some of the reviews I've read it seems like a totally different book...

Also do we ever find out what happened to Ian's niece?Safe, practical, and organized, she's nothing like her hippie, impulsive, bleeding heart sister, Willow.Willow, however, has been in love with Sam Brooks for as long as she can remember. Besides, Willow has other things to focus on—namely, nabbing the job as youth pastor for her small-town church.Doberman Pinscher Rescue Information: The Doberman Pinscher is a powerful guard dog.

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Dobermans are protective, but are not vicious dogs; their reputation for aggression is undeserved.

When Deputy Sam Brooks commits to something, nothing can sway him—not just on the job as liaison between the Mercy Falls sheriff's department and PEAK Rescue, but in his private life.