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06-May-2020 13:01

I turned my head, letting her plant one on my cheek instead. I really, really didn’t want to go back to my last class. Meaghan might be playing Juliet, but that made me her understudy.

It was why futa-mother named me Xochitl, not a Spanish name, but one that embraced our ancient heritage.

“‘What light through yonder window breaks,’” my futa-sister spoke, her voice breathy. As Isidora leaned down to kiss Meaghan after delivering those powerful, poetic, beautiful lines, a welter of fear rippled through me. I had been afraid to jump in it, and now it was about to be too late for me to take the plunge. Meaghan’s pale hand cupped Isidora’s breast, squeezing and kneading. And what scared me was if I could trust Isidora to love me back. My futa-sister turned to stare at me in shock as I burst from the crowd. Not because I didn’t want the world to see me share my incestuous passion for my futa-sister, but because I didn’t want them to witness her rejection. Meaghan gave me such a venomous look as I leaped onto the bed. I bounced on it, tits heaving as I settled between my futa-sister’s spread thighs.

I didn’t feel jealous last night when I watched her with our mother because they were family. Mom wasn’t trying to steal Isidora from me, but help me understand my heart. ” Isidora jerked her lips back from Meagan’s mouth. Isidora rolled onto her back, sitting up on elbows.

On Friday, my high school’s production of Romea and Juliet opened. I was so eager to have sex before the audience, to let them see my passion as Letizia made me cum.

Now my futa-sister played Romea and it was all screwed up.

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As my futa-sister shifted into place, Isidora’s eyes fell on me. As Isidora practiced the love scene with Meaghan, I could show up my futa-sister. Her futa-dick thrust out hard from the shaved folds of her bush, twitching and throbbing as she placed a hand on Meaghan’s thigh. Of course, she was acting hurt and miffed because I wouldn’t have sex with her.