Self reliant dating

12-Nov-2019 09:24

But collectivism destroys proper moral judgment by attributing value choices to the whole group, instead of the person making the choice.

Individualism is the proper approach to this problem. The person making the decision gets credit or blame for it.

(Biddle, n.d.)An individualistic culture based on the tenants of freedom, individualism, and self-reliance.

In this culture, people are considered “good” if they are strong, assertive, and independent.

For instance, because the collective is seen as having an importance higher than the individuals that make it up, those same individuals are asked to sacrifice for it.

It is created into an intrinsic value, and destroys one’s ability to rationally pursue one’s own self-interest. Justice is concerned with making moral judgments about other people and acting accordingly.

Most Japanese pay attention to the importance of the family, the hierarchical structure of social life, the cultivation of morality and self-restraint and the emphasis on hard work and achievement.

In some situations such as how likely someone is to ask a bus driver to wait for an acquaintance who is late for the bus can be effectively connected to individualism vs.

collectivism; naturally someone more collectivistic would be less likely to ask the driver to wait since he or she would likely prioritize the other passengers of the bus as a form of social institution higher.

This contrasts with collectivistic cultures where characteristics like being self-sacrificing, dependable, generous, and helpful to others are of greater importance.

Therefore, most people who grew up in American are thought to be individualists, motivated by what is good for them personally, and independent and self-reliant.

Individualism is a core of American culture and the main value in America.