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17-Nov-2020 04:54

In New Jersey, this means that the defendant (meaning the person you are seeking the restraining order against) must have committed a predicate act of domestic violence.There are numerous offenses that are considered domestic violence, including stalking, harassment, simple assault, and terroristic threats.Ferinden was sentenced in Delaware to two years in prison in December after pleading guilty to unlawful sexual conduct charges.In New Jersey, reports that he was sentenced Friday to three years on pleas to aggravated sexual contact charges.Superior Court Judge Kevin Smith rejected having the two terms run concurrently.

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This means you and the other party must have been married, dating, living together, or had a child together in the past.

WOODBURY, NJ — A former youth ice hockey coach from Pennsylvania has now been sentenced to prison terms in two other states in sex abuse cases.

Walter Ferinden of Lansdale coached youth hockey and ran skating clinics in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York and Vermont between the 1980s and 2010.

You can reach the main court office at 609-518-2600.

For more information about Burlington County Superior Court, you can also visit their website.

You have several options for where to file a complaint for a restraining order: you can either go to the local police department, to the local municipal court, or to the county Superior Court.