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Like the symbolic redwood centerpiece in 1961, Art in the Redwoods has grown from a tiny idea in the minds of two women to a major annual August weekend for visitors, vendors and artists.

It also is integrally linked to Gualala Arts, an organization with more than 1,600 annual activities, and it helped spur the effort to create the current Arts Center building.

A hot lunch was available and admission for adults was 50 cents.

Even before Art in the Redwoods started, Gualala Arts was formed to promote local artists and to provide a social venue for its members who organized Art in the Redwoods and exhibited both flowers and art pieces there.

Those who thought the original show was hung in the redwoods on the ridge or at Grandpa Charlie’s Park on Gualala Ridge, or in Jessie Cranston’s garden might want to come to that dinner and hear the story from this year’s honorees.

Floral displays and plant sales were a major part the first decade of Art in the Redwoods, so outdoor settings in gardens seemed quite natural.

A wood framework was covered in bark donated by Norm Reuter. Around the central tree, flower arrangements by Jesse Cranston, Bertha Ohlson, Kathy Di Maio and Mae Enos sat on bark covered frames built to resemble tree stumps.