Sleep apnea dating sites

12-Oct-2019 05:09

You will naturally be more alert and focused both day and night with improved levels of concentration.

The moodiness that comes with sleep deprivation disappears, too.

Despite these puzzling results, the collective evidence is that men benefit from the use of CPAP, as well.

Sleep Apnea has an impact on partners by depriving them of sleep.Sleep Apnea is a treatable condition, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that options like CPAP are good for your sex life. There is a link between this chronic medical problem and sexual dysfunction.Read on for more information on how CPAP therapy can make both your sex life and relationship better. A 2018 cohort study published by the JAMA Network looked at 182 Sleep Apnea patients to see if following the typical treatment for this condition had a positive effect on the quality of their sex lives.Do you ever wonder if Sleep Apnea is reducing your libido and hurting your sex life?

A recent study found that treating Sleep Apnea with successful CPAP therapy, actually improved things for couples in the bedroom! You already know that Sleep Apnea affects your ability to sleep, but what does it do to your sex life?The muscles that support the soft tissue in the throat relax enough that it slides backward blocking the airway.