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06-Mar-2020 14:55

Overall the animation wasn't very satisfactory at all.Sound The sound wasn't terrible but definitely not noteworthy.So fans of those will probably enjoy this quite a bit, because there's definitely similarities (even a cameo of Blade in one scene).All in all this is one of the funniest h-anime's I've ever seen and highly recommend, especially to the newbie hentai fans.En effet, une organisation secrète au sein du gouvernement projette de récolter les meilleures semences masculines du pays.Le professeur Narumi Narutaki, auto-proclamé plus grand savant du XX°siècle décide de sélectionner Marine Nonohara, jeune femme niaise à souhait, pour devenir celle qui devra collecter le sperme de 100 hommes !You don't really get too much emotion from any of the characters.That and the main character is supposedly really dull and stupid and even that point is overly emphasised with the crappy voice acting. Story The story should of been one of the stronger points.

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This was one of the first h-anime's I saw several years ago when I really started getting into the genre.Eventually, the Professors assistant betray's him and builds a female robot that is designed to do the same thing Marin is, except she's a machine.

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