Spanking chat room

13-Nov-2020 10:18

Would you like to connect and chat with your readers?

Please feel free to contact me and I can make a banner or button specifically for your site and color scheme or share the banner above.

Ho Hs are welcome to stop by anytime and then at 8pm US EST, there will be a more specific Ho H conversation starting.

(Ho Hs only please) The Ho H conversation will be in a separate room from the main chat room. or would like to lead a discussion based on something you have wrote or read recently? The room is for everyone in the respectful, consensual and open minded DD Community.

Find locals Unstrap yourself from the computer desk and get out there!

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After all, these dirty girls know that they deserve it -Calls cost 60p per minute plus access charge.

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ADDS is where ALL varying styles of DD are brought together in ONE place! Like friends will do, it's nice to chat about all aspects of our lives (weather etc...), but this is a specific time set aside for all DD chat. And the subject changes and rolls from one idea or question to the next. Well, at least for an hour or two during The DD Open Forum :) There will be a Head of Household Conversation going on all day every other Thursday.I wanted to find a simple free place where people could chat with one another in a free & safe format.