Speed dating events in leeds Free no email sex date chat website

25-Apr-2020 22:21

Apart from this exchange, Bumble speed-dating was a very pleasant experience and I enjoyed myself at the event.

I didn’t find love, but I did meet some very interesting people, who I look forward to seeing again at BFF events.

In fact, throughout the night, I found myself using the BFF column on more than one occasion. Approximately two dozen people showed up, all between the ages of 20 and 30, with some university students present but mostly working men and women. It was large enough to allow for variety, but small enough that daters did not feel exhausted by the end of the event from speaking to so many strangers.

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In an effort to promote Bumble around the UK, the company’s marketing team has been coordinating events in different cities.

I didn’t need to refer to the questions, however, as the people attending the event were mostly very pleasant and easy to speak to.