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- Woman on the Orient Express - Lindsay Jayne Ashford - ROOT from earlier this year. I especially like how he evokes the world in the way he's written the words.- The Wrong Stars - Tim Pratt - ROOT from 2017First Quarter January 1. The sounds and complexity of the language fit the whole so well. A Betrayal in Winter - Daniel Abraham Series: the Long Price Quartet #2 Challenges: ROOT, Alpha KITRating: Complex, intriguing, atmospheric I continue to enjoy the series, with the second book of this quartet.

And our heroine, all of 19, is already beginning to break out of the bonds of her upbringing.55. The characterization was great and world-building excellent.56. My cousin Charlotte has five boys, and I always buy the best—” Jake looked both exasperated and nervous. I mean, yeah, actually, that’d be great, but that’s not what I’m asking.” She frowned. “Because I don’t think I can take another weekend of my sisters and mothers harping on me to ‘find a nice girl already.’ And … “Exactly.” He turned back to her, his expression unusually anxious. Overall, my family’s great—a little overwhelming, but great.” She smiled patiently and waited for whatever was coming next. With Riley’s, you had to eat everything on your plate or else. He claimed this was also to give them a quick-getaway option, but she knew better. “They’ll eat you alive, you know,” he said in response to her gushing as he wheeled their suitcases to the front door. Between the kids, the dog, and my sisters, the shoes will never make it out of the house.” “I thought you said your youngest sister was twenty-seven,” she said.Riley slapped her desk and made a buzzing noise as though they were in a game show.

“Try again.” Camille pushed her way into the already overcrowded office and perched on the edge of Emma’s desk. Alex knows somebody who got a bunch of cheap tickets.” Julie leaned back in her chair and studied their boss.

* * * “I’m guessing you heard Camille and Cassidy’s grand plan? “Oh.” Oh, sweet Jesus, Grace 2.0 moaned in despair. Not when they’re falling for the guy, 2.0 retorted. “Sex is always a good idea.” “Says the guy who’s had it with half the women in Manhattan.” Her voice came out sharper than she intended. All the society pages do.” “Since when have you cared about that?