Taurus and scorpio dating

07-May-2020 19:12

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Such power games invoke the inner possessiveness that Taurus lovers tend to embody."Plus the sensation play, like leather straps, lingerie, PVC, etc.Opposites on the zodiac wheel entice, challenge, and balance one another. So it is with Taurus and Scorpio who sit right across the zodiac wheel from one another.This love merger brings together Scorpio who deals in the metaphysical with Taurus who deals in the physical.I came by it honestly: I started learning about astrology in the womb, and though I can't say I learned the best sex position for Taurses — my sign — at that time (thank god), I was born to a mother who puts a lot of stock in the zodiac.I've gone back and forth on my stance on such things, ultimately settling on the Ok Cupid approach to horoscopy: "It's fun to think about."And it's fun to put into action.Tauruses love material things, and can be proprietorial.

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Also a writer, filmmaker and transformation coach, Mecca founded her astro-coaching practice in the hope of assisting people in creating the lives they desire by helping them "better tap into their own natural-born gifts." She knows all about sex and love when it comes to the zodiac, and she's not shy about sharing her awareness: Tauruses should embrace kink, erotic massage, and Scorpios, among many other things, she says."Taurus is an earth sign and ruled by Venus, which makes the sign have an affinity for very sensual pleasures," Mecca says.

Taurus is a lover and Scorpio wants nothing more than ever-lasting love.

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