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Another design was tried out for areas where kiosks suffered extreme vandalism (boxes set on fire and some ripped out of the ground altogether!

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Many places would only have the kiosks in their own colours and in some cases, modifications were made to boxes.

The history of the public telephone actually begins in the late 1880's but it was not until the early 1900's that telephone kiosks started to appear.

Many early kiosks were silence cabinets which were commonly inside shops & other public places and had attendants who would do most of the work for you.

Bruce Martin was the winning architect and his design appeared in 1968. The main differences were that the glazing bars had gone to be replaced with just 1 big window on each side of the kiosk and the domed roof was replaced with a much flatter design.

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Nearly 4,000 K8s would appear, some of which replaced K6s.A selection of new designs that were to be the most perfect telephone kiosks you could imagine.