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Perhaps their was a fight going on, which much to my dismay, they would not show.The guys on stage just kept on doing their thing, which I think were attempts at insults and or humour, or MTV's version of the Lincoln/Douglas debates. Now I was really getting concerned, because the audience seemed to be totally oblivious and didn't realize that somebody needed to call 911, because these guys were dying on stage. I wish MTV would have shown what was going on off camera, cuz it must have been somewhat funny Wild and out is an improv show that basically is from the top of the heads of these comedians who perform skits and make fun of celebrities for our entertainment.It all culminates in a freestyle comedy battle to decide who wins fame and who goes home in shame. Contestants seem to reach for too many Cliché's.The guests always resort to lame stereotype role-playing.Some jokes that were used were: "Yo you look like that thing they scare the crows, How come your Adams apple go further out than ur nose."I mean these jokes got me laughing for couple of days. I would recommend this show to people who liked "Who's line is it anyway". I laugh so hard when I see any episode of this series.This show is worth watching as Nick Cannon does and outstanding job on hosting the show. I love love love the show, and the actors and the guest stars.

The person who commented before me is obviously racist because all the shows he named are black shows and very entertaining to African Americans.This show/movie is very funny anyway you would already know that if you do know nick cannon as he is a comedian himself.this is one of the movies i have watch that is not sad at all but you will still cry and need lots of tissues not because its saddening too but because it that funny.GOD BLESS YA NICK AND BE MORE SUCESSEFUL wild 'n out LOL!!!!!!!!!!

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(747) its about time there's another hip hop show like this its funny and got a good reason why it should keep going on in seasons because proper guest's rappers movie stars show you the funny side to rap and its just funny watching them play games and battling with comedy punchlines i would recommend this to any one with a sense of humour its a 10 from me one of my favourite shows keep me laughing each time i watch it...Please cancel this lame cocktail party called wild n out. I heard some laughing from the audience, which led me to believe that something funny was happening off camera, but they wouldn't show it, and instead focused in on the dread that was happening on stage.