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20-Apr-2020 22:08

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Far more don’t know what “humanist,” “freethinker” or “agnostic” means.

Behold, the six types of atheists Based on “It Gets Better” and other gay rights campaigns, “Openly Secular” hopes to counter that ignorance by asking atheists to share stories online about their lives and beliefs.

We wanted to know what it’s like to be a nonbeliever in the Bible Belt, so over the course of the weekend we asked some of the folks here to share their secrets.

They had a lot to say, and some of their advice overlapped, but we came away with eight top tips.

“You can point to any contradiction in the Bible and it just doesn’t matter.

They will either find some way to reconcile it or say that even if they don’t understand it, God does.” Technically, the term fundamentalist refers to a movement of 20th-century Protestants who rejected modernity and clung to a literal interpretation of the Bible.

Some said they wished they’d had something like this list when they began their foray into religious infidelity.

(The half-step assures budding nonbelievers they don’t have to be experts on atheism and points them toward educational resources.) Don’t be the ‘office atheist’ Candace Gorham says her close family is accepting of her atheism - but she’s not completely “out” at work yet, and doesn’t know if she wants to be.

“You can’t convince a fundamentalist that he or she is wrong,” he says.

Various objects, dating from periods long anterior to the Christian era, have been found, marked with crosses of different designs, in almost every part of the old world. Emphasis ours.) Clearly, long before the coming of Christ, pagans used the cross as a religious symbol.… continue reading »

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Remember the ancient, lost art of internet conversation - when chat rooms were about sharing your interests as well as your sexual tastes, rather than just clicking a pre-saved cock or pussy pic and propelling it across cyber space?… continue reading »

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